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Mod is short for modification. Lots of games have modifications like G-Mod and Unturned, but minecraft mods can have the biggest effect. There is one problem with mods though: They are very hard to install. You need a programs called forge, but there are so many programs that say that they are forge. Most of them are just plain old viruses. Technic, a great program, is much easier to install. Go to technicpack.net and see how easy it is to install. I even think minecraft runs better off it then it does on the default launcher. I made Modpacks for technic, so go check them out! (And no, technic did not pay me to say all that)

The perfect mix of furniture and heavy weaponry. It may crash the first time you play it, but works after that.

I challenged myself to create a FPS modpack without Flans! I think I did a pretty good job.

Well? I don't know if this will work but maybe it will? Tell me if it does.